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Guide For Facebook Account Recovery Online When If Your Facebook Account Password is Forgot, Disabled, Deleted, Lost or Hacked

Hey Facebook user? Have you been facing Facebook Account Recovery issues with your FB account such as signing into it because you forgot its password/lost it to some hacker? Well, the frustration level is quite understandable as you will not be able to interact with your buddies or scroll through your precious timeline. If you are a business account user then no doubt that you are already facing lots of difficulties while managing your business via this social media account.

Since, FB accounts are often known as epitome of social media accounts, there is no doubt that crucial steps are taken every day for ensuring their security and reliability. Hence, it becomes quite important to do the Facebook account recovery without wasting a single minute. This article will guide you with the simple account recovery methods on Facebook, so read further.

How To Recover Facebook Account?

Recovering Facebook Account With Default Recovery Options. At first, you can go through the usual Facebook account recovery process such as follow.

  • Launch your web/mobile browser and then navigate to the official account recovery webpage of Facebook
  • Now, you can use the email address or phone number or username to find your respective FB account
  • Next, you can hit the Continue button to fetch your account and then hit the “No longer have access to these?” option
  • Now, Facebook will ask you to submit an alternative email address or phone number so that Facebook can send you a security code for further account recovery
  • Now, enter the email address or phone number and then hit the Continue option to get the code, however, if you do not get the code then hit the “Didn’t get a code?” option
  • Once you get the code, submit it in the relevant field and then continue with entering a new password

Hence, you should be able to do the Facebook account recovery without any issue. However, if you don’t know the phone number or email address of your account then here’s what you can do.

Reset or Recover A Facebook Account Password Without Email & Phone Number: Quick Steps

Facebook account recovery without using phone number or email address can be really tricky but if you had set up trusted friends list in your account at the time of its creation then the recovery process is going to be like piece of cake for you.

  • Navigate to the Facebook official homepage and then hit the Forgotten Account link on the top-right
  • Now enter any of the following to access your account
  1. Account Username
  2. Phone number
  3. Email address
  • Next, select the Search button to fetch your account details and then hit the “No longer have access to these” link to recover your account via using other methods
  • Now you’ll be redirected to the “How Can We Reach You” webpage where you’ll need to enter an alternative phone number or email address on which you are already available
  • Enter the alternative recovery option once again and then opt for the “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” option. However, you must remember that you’ll only be able to see the Trusted Contacts if you have enabled them in your account
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to send recovery code links to your trusted friends and then ask them to tell you the code so that you can enter them in the provided field
  • Simply go through the on screen prompts to send recovery codes to your Trusted friends and then make a call to each every of them to fetch the code details and then enter them to their relevant fields

Hence, you should be able to set a new password of your account, however, if you are not able to use the Facebook account recovery email or phone number then you'll need to get in touch with the tech support.

Get In Touch With Tech Support To Get Any Further Assistance: Facebook

If you have any questions regarding your Facebook account such as password recovery, promotion page queries, account disabled or not working, Facebook business, etc then you can dial on the Facebook account recovery phone number and get in touch with the tech experts. They will surely help you out with any of your FB queries with best solutions.



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