How to Update Google Chrome

Here's What is the Procedure to Update Google Chrome to the Latest Version

Google Chrome browser is one of the popular browser that offer the best in-built features and user interface. Moreover, to ensure that users keep up with the latest technologies, the browser timely undergoes various updates that one can opt for their device as and when required.

In general, Google update Chrome with new version every six weeks to cope up with the security requirements. Chrome usually downloads the updates automatically but can't restart the device automatically to install the same update. So, to help users to find an immediate way to check the updates and installation, one can find out the details shared below.

Ways of How to Update Google Chrome Browser Instantly

For the users looking for the details on how to update Google Chrome, they can go through the information shared in this article and manage their tasks online accordingly.

Google Chrome generally downloads and prepares for it in the background, it requires someone to restart the browser to complete the installation process. As there are people who keep Chrome open for days, the software installation is affected, putting the device at risk. So, to help one easily install the update on the device, here are the quick instructions below that one can follow.

5 Points to Update Google Chrome :

  • Begin the process by opening Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Now, the user needs to click on the Menu icon and continue.
  • Then, the user needs to hover over the Help option in the menu section.
  • After that, from the sub-section, the user can click on the About Google Chrome option.
  • And now, Google Chrome will check for the updates and will automatically download them to the device.

However, if Chrome has downloaded the update already and waiting for the install confirmation, the user can relaunch the browser to install the recently update Google Chrome browser. After the new Chrome version of the software is installed, the user can verify the installation of the update in the About Chrome section.

How to Assistance From Google Support for Chrome Updates?

Indeed, the procedure to perform how to update Google Chrome is quite simple, but some users might fail to update the browser because of some technical glitches. In such cases, the user can seek help from Google support.

a) Visit the Google Chrome Help Center Page:

  1. Initially, to seek information regarding the Chrome update problems, the user can visit the help center page of Google Chrome.
  2. Here, the user can click Google Chrome as the product and pick issue as an update.
  3. Then, from the relevant help articles, the user can see the required information and manage the updates in time.

b) Google Chrome Email Support

Besides, if Google offers an option, the user can opt for the email assistance option.

  1. For this process, the user can prepare a description of the issue they are facing while installing an update.
  2. Also, the user can include a screenshot with the email to highlight the issue.
  3. After that, the user can submit their request and resolve the update problem in time.

c) Google Chrome Live Chat Assistance

Lastly, the user can even opt for the live chat service to contact Google support. Here, the user can seek real-time assistance to update Google Chrome. For this, visit the Google Chrome Help page and check for live chat availability. If yes, then the user can reach out to the support for assistance and update their browser. Thus, this is how the user can seek assistance from Google support to resolve update issue with Chrome. So, all the users who are failing to update the browser and seek expert guidance can reach out to support using the information shared.

In the end, all the users looking for details on how to update Google Chrome, can use the information shared and manage the browser settings accordingly.


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