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BT Mail Issues- Get the Comprehensive Solution by BT Mail Technical Support

BT Mail is an email service which provides the high-security features along with good space storage. It is an additional service provided by BT Broadband, means whenever you purchase a BT broadband you will have an option to get BT Mail. With the help of BT Mail, you can access the multiple services of BT Communication, such as BT broadband, BT Cloud, BT smart talk and BT Wifi. You can create up to 11 accounts and can share this with your friends or family.Do remember, while accessing BT Mail, always choose IMAP server for your email as it will support to send the message to the other clients.

However, the email program always faces technical issues, some of the issues of BT Mail has been listed below.

Unable to Login: -

This is the general problem and most of the users encounter this issue. Make sure to activate BT Mail account if you are a new user.

“Forgot the Password”, if you forgot your password, then you can't access BT Mail. For the recovery of the password, go to the official website of BT, then click on the Mail icon and you can find it on the top of the page. Now enter your BT -ID and then click on the “Forgot the Password”. on your registered mobile you will get security code, enter that code in the password recovery page and click on “Continue”, a new page will appear and here enter your new password twice and click “Next”. Hence your password is recovered.

Can't send or Receive Emails:-

This problem generally occurs due to the email setting, to resolve this issue, go to the email setting and click on server setting, and follow the procedure for the setting of IMAP,POP3,and SMTP.If you think this issue is bit technical, then get the support from the BT Mail technical support.

1. For IMAP,

     keep incoming mail server as “”, always keeps ON the SSL Encryption, now enter your username and password and hence Save the setting. Make sure the Secure

     Password Authentication must be disabled.

2. For POP3,

    The setting is similar to the above setting.

3. For SMTP,

    for the Outgoing server, enter “” and keep the port number as 465. Enter your username and password and click on “Save”.

  •  BT Mail server not responding:-

              To resolve this issue, you will need an expert, just dial on BT Mail technical support phone number to get the assistance. The experts will guide you and will give you the

               complete solution of your query.

  •  BT Mail takes a long time to Load:-

              You must check your browser, delete all the cookies and caches and disable the extensions. Now restart your Browser and then try again to open BT Mail.

 Why BT Mail Technical Support Phone Number

  • The aforesaid solution is provided by them as they are tech savvy and resolves the technical issues within a timeframe.
  • They are well qualified and have good hands on experience in solving various technical issues.
  • Work around the clock, so you can get their support anytime.
  • Use of advanced tools and techniques enables them to provide the best and effective solution to any issues.

So, if you want to uninterrupted service of BT Mail then always be in touch with the technical experts and BT mail technical support phone number.

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