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Are you in the process of resetting your EIRCOM Webmail Account settings??  Facing some errors as to the necessary e-mail setting which must be modified to have the e-mail account working in the best possible manner?? Are you a user of EIRCOM mail and need some help so as to use your e-mail account in the optimal manner?Contact Eircom technical support phone number

Described below is the necessary Outgoing Settings which must be written in the settings tab so as to write about the Outgoing e-mail settings in the full detail.

EIRCOM Webmail has two types of e-mail services at the moment, a new one and an old one and a new one (the old one is from before 2006).

The settings for both the old and the new are given below: -


Incoming: webmail.eircom.net

Outgoing: mail1.eircom.net

Ports Incoming: 110

SMTP ports outgoing: 25


OLD (before 2006)

Incoming: mail1@eircom.net

SMTP outgoing: mail1@eircom.net

Ports incoming: 110

Ports outgoing: 25

 The above mentioned numbers must be entered into the settings options to correctly access the internet. In case you face any difficulty in using the above instructions then you can get in touch with the representatives of the EIRCOM Technical Support Phone Number to seek out help in best manner as possible. The salient features of the EIRCOM Technical Support Phone Number are: -

  • Accessible from all mobile phones as well fixed line numbers from all over the world.
  • Can be contacted by all 24*7 and 365 Days a year.

EIRCOM Technical Support Phone Number

In case you require some additional help you can get in touch with the EIRCOM Technical Support to send all the details about the type of difficulties which they might face over the course of their usage. This mode of communication is especially useful for all the users to write in vivid detail and description the details of the difficulty which they might be facing over the course of usage. Both the above mentioned channels are staffed by professionals trained in technical skills and know how to help out distressed customers in the best possible manner


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