Verizon Fios Not Working

A complete guide on how to fix the internet router or WiFi issues in Verizon Fios, If your Verizon Fios Not Working

Verizon Fios is one of the popular service providers, which offers services like internet, television, telephone through fibre optic communication network to its consumers. The internet services provided by Verizon Fios is very reliable and fast. The priority of Verizon wireless is to serve the customers with non-stop internet and other beneficial services of Verizon. While using the services, if you encounter the issue of Verizon Fios not working, it could be frustrating. This issue can come up due to any reason. So, before fixing the issue, you must have a clear idea about the possible reasons causing this issue. If you can't find the solution, you have the option to contact the customer support of Verizon.

Reasons for Verizon Fios issues

As already said, before proceeding for troubleshooting and fixes, you need to check for all the possible reasons causing Verizon Fios not working. Once you know the cause, you can try resolving the issue accordingly. Here are some common reasons for this issue in Verizon:

  1. Slow or no internet connection- Whenever there is an unstable internet connection, it will lead to various issues in the Verizon devices. As all the devices require internet connection, and if there is no connectivity, it will result in several issues with Verizon Fios.
  2. Issue with Verizon gateway router- The Verizon device stops working if not connected properly to the gateway router. It can cause various issues to the Verizon devices.
  3. Unstable WiFi connection or Verizon WiFi not working- It is one of the main reasons for Verizon Fios not working. Due to this reason, the device also causes the issue.

Fixes for Verizon Fios WiFi not working issue

Your Verizon Fios WiFi not workingissue comes up when your Verizon Gateway Router is not connected properly, or Verizon network is causing any issue. To fix the broken gateway of the router, you can try out some fixes:

  • You can try resetting the Verizon Gateway router. To reset, you need a pin and insert it in the reset hole. With this, the settings will be restored to the factory settings of the router.
  • After reset, you can wait for a while, till it restarts. After that, try connecting the WiFi with any of the devices.
  • You can check the network name and password on the gateway router.
  • With this, your WiFi should start working.

Fixes for no internet connection on Verizon Fios

If your device is connected to the internet but you are facing Verizon Fios internet not workingissue, you need to check for the gateway router. Try these fixes:

  • Unplug the cables from your Verizon router, and leave it for at least 5 minutes.
  • Connect the gateway router again to the power source. Wait till it starts again.
  • If you still get the some issues, try resetting the gateway router using the pin in the reset hole.
  • Once the reset is done, you can check for internet connectivity.

Fixes for slow internet speed on Verizon Fios

Slow speeds are similar to no connectivity. With slow speed internet, you can't access the heavy websites and various streaming devices. Before trying any fixes for slow internet:

  • You need to ensure that no downloading process is going on, affecting the speed of the Verizon internet.
  • You must check for the internet plan you have taken from Verizon.
  • Resetting the router might improve internet speed.

If your Fiosinternet suddenly stops working, and you want to know why Verizon Fios not working today, you can check for the service outage in your area. To find this, you can browse the official website of Verizon. You can also contact the support of Verizon to know about the internet service outage in your area.

Fixes for missing pictures on Verizon TV

If you are facing the missing picture problem on your Verizon TV, you need to check for a few things before contacting the Verizon support:

  • Initially, you need to confirm that your TV is properly connected to the Fios cable box. For this, you can unplug the HDMI cable from your television and cable box. Wait for some time and plug it back.
  • You need to ensure that the TV is on the correct input channel.
  • After this, unplug the power cable, wait for a while and plug it back.

Fixes for on-demand problems

For on-demand problems on Verizon TV, you can expect the issue of Verizon Fios not working.It is because the box relies on the internet connection for the TV listings, on-demand movies as well as the messages. You can reset the Verizon Fios Gateway router to make it work properly. The reset option usually resolves all the issues, as all the customized settings will go back to the factory settings of the Gateway router.

Ways to contact Verizon customer service

You might require good customer support to resolve the issues and queries related to Verizon services. The customer service team will assist you with all kinds of issues related to Verizon. The different ways of contact to reach the Verizon support team are as follows:

Use Verizon helpline number- When you dial the phone number of Verizon customer support:

  • You can use the toll-free helpline number, which is available 24x7.
  • You have to dial the phone number and discuss your query with the live person at Verizon support.
  • When you provide the complete details and info, the customer support executive will provide you with the best solution to your problems.

Use Verizon live chat and social media- You can also contact the support through live chat or social media:

  • Verizon offers the facility of social media and live chat for the easy fixes of your issues.
  • In the live chat, you can use the online chat option and explain the issue through chat messenger, and get the query resolved within no time.
  • You can also use social media platforms to ask queries. This service is also available 24x7 for your assistance.

Use Verizon email support- The email support option is used, when you can wait for the solution:

  • You can send an email to the technical support team of Verizon.
  • The available executives will assist you with the issue mentioned in the email.
  • The technical experts will provide the solution in the revert email.
  • For a quicker response, you must explain the issue properly, providing all the necessary info.
  • Once the executive receives it, they will reply with an appropriate solution for the query.

You can choose any of these options for your queries related to Verizon Fios internet WiFi not working.You can find all the contact info on the Verizon official website. You have to simply browse the contact section of the website, use the info and get in touch with the technical experts of Verizon Fios. If required, you can visit the help desk of Verizon services and get your queries resolved.

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