How To Change Frontier Wifi Password

How to change the password and name of the Frontier WiFi Router?

There is not even a single person today who does not use the internet. Internet in today's time is one of the main necessities and almost all of us use the internet for both personal and professional work.

Using Wi-Fi services

Apart from the basic mobile data, a lot of users prefer using Wifi Router service for faster and better services and can easily use it. Especially WiFi services are mostly used in offices for corporate work. Frontier WiFi Router is one of the frequently preferred WiFi network by users. Not just this but you can also reset or change Frontier internet password according to your preference. To find out more scroll down.

Details of Changing The Frontier WiFi Password

There are a lot of reasons behind reset or change Frontier WiFi password theory. Whenever we sign up for any kind of WiFi Router connection, there are a lot of reasons or issues behind it. For the details, tap below.

  1. One of the most common reasons behind changing the password of the Frontier arris WiFi Router is to protect it from hacking. If you keep one single password for a long time, there are chances that it might be stolen by someone. Hence to avoid it, you should keep changing it from time to time.
  2. A lot of times we end up forgetting the password of our WiFi connection hence it is very important to keep changing it. Once you keep changing the password of your account, you would at least be remembering the new password.
  3. If your password is known by a lot of people because you did not change it for a long time, then make sure you change it to a strong password so that nobody could find out.
  4. Another reason why you should change your password is if the router is not working and needs reset. In that case, you can fix the issue by changing the password of the wi-fi.

And these are the reasons for your doubt if you are thinking should I change my Frontier WiFi password. And for the steps of changing the password, tap below.

Steps To Change Frontier WiFi password

To change Frontier WiFi password, you can follow the below-given steps. To change the frontier password, the steps are easy and quick. Tap for the details.

  • Open any web browser and navigate to the home page of the Frontier WiFi service.
  • Now tap on wireless settings and basic settings of the browser
  • Once your wireless is turned on, now enter the name of your network in the SSID box with which you connect your device.
  • Now choose the advanced security settings from the menu and press ok.
  • Now select the WPA wireless security.

And you are done with the basic settings to change Frontier WiFi password. In addition to this, you can also use your phone to change the WiFi password.

Steps To Change Frontier WiFi Password With Phone

  • Connect your device with a USB.
  • Now on any web browser, set up the link of the WiFi connection.
  • Now click on settings and choose a username and password to log in your account
  • Once done, click on the WLAN basic settings.

Changing or Reset The Username of The Frontier WiFi Router

Once you are done with the steps of how to change Frontier WiFi password, you can also change the username of your account if necessary. Tap below for the steps.

Steps To Change The Username on Frontier WIFi

  • First of all, enter the router's IP address in the web browser
  • Now next log into your administrator using the current username and password.
  • Go to the settings and tap on the option WiFi name in the SSID box
  • Enter the current Wifi name and verify it by following on screen instructions.

Things To Keep In Mind While Changing or Reset The WiFi Name and Password

  • Make it a habit of changing your wifi password on a daily basis to keep your account safe and secure
  • Moreover, try to keep your password strong enough so that nobody can predict it and hack in your account
  • Secondly, also try setting a password with both letters and digits and never repeat already used passwords.
  • Moreover never share your password with someone whom you don't know or don't trust.

And you are done with the steps of how to change Frontier WiFi password and name. In case of doubts, contact customer care.


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