How to fix black screen error windows 8.1

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Windows is a operating system having different versions given by the Microsoft company. They have acquired a particular place in comparison to other operating system. Time after time windows released it different versions and people gave a good response to them. There are different versions of windows operating system such as windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, Windows 8.1, windows 10.If you eager to know much about the windows operating system service then you can contact on the helpline number of windows support and collect the detailed knowledge about it.

There are different issues resolved by the customer support of windows and if you have issues such as how to fix black screen error windows 8.1 then you can follow the given instruction-

  • Restart your computer by entering it in safe mode

For entering your system in safe mode

  • Press the F8 Key
  • Go and select the option of "Advanced Repair" then click on the option of "Troubleshoot"
  • Go in Advanced option and under troubleshoot click the option of “Restart”
  • The safe mode would work properly
  • After right click on "My computer" you will select "Properties" and can go to the "Device manager"
  • Download the updated drivers for windows 8.1
  • Now you can use your windows 8.1 operating system in a proper manner without any problem

If you are not satisfied with the above solution and you need immediate help then you can contact on the customer support number of windows operating system that is available 24/7 based on your convenience. You need to dial the toll free number and then the support team would be with you to give you appropriate resolutions for your problems.

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