Snapchat Account Recovery

Snapchat Account Recovery

Know How To Recover Snapchat Account Password Using Snapchat Account Recovery Code/Tool & Easily Back of The Access Your Account

Losing access to any of your accounts can be frustrating especially if you are using Snapchat for personal chat, sharing photos, etc. The issue could be anything whether you have forgotten the password or your account is hacked. Ultimately, you are not able to access your Snapchat account. Here we are going to discuss how you can proceed with Snapchat account recovery and regain the access to your account. 

How To Recovery Your Snapchat Account

Recovery of Snapchat Account

If you are not able to remember your username for the Snapchat account, you need to recover it. While creating an account you can use your email ID instead of any username. If you have forgotten the username and want to know how to recover Snapchat account, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Make a list of all the email IDs you use and ensure you have listed all of them.
  • Then launch the Snapchat app on your device and start with the recovery process.
  • Try using all the emails one by one.
  • Repeat the process till you get the correct email address.

How To Recover Your Snapchat Account Password

Before starting with the account recovery procedure, you need to ensure what is the cause of denied access in your Snapchat account. If in case you have forgotten your Snapchat account password, in most of the cases, it is the password, you can follow Snapchat account recovery. To recover the password and regain access to the Snapchat account, follow the steps mentioned below:

Password Recovery Via Email- To recover Snapchat password via email, follow the steps:

  • On the login screen of Snapchat, tap Forgot your password.
  • Then select the recovery method i.e. via email.
  • You will receive a password reset link in the inbox of the alternate email linked with the account.
  • Once the link is clicked, you are verified.
  • Finally you can create a new password for your Snapchat account.

Password Recovery Via SMS- For recovering the password through SMS, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Initially, go to the login screen of Snapchat on your device.
  • Tap the option of "Forgot password".
  • You need to choose the recovery method as SMS in the provided options.
  • With this, Snapchat will send a verification code on the phone number associated with the account.
  • Then, enter the verification code in the given field and Continue.
  • In the last step, you can create a new password for the Snapchat account

During Snapchat account recovery, you need to select a password which is at least 8 characters long. It must not contain your name, username, birth of date or any other personal info. The password will be strong if an alphanumeric combination is there.

How To Recover Snapchat Account Using Snapchat Recovery Code

If you are using the option of two-factor authentication and lost your phone, change your phone number or lost access to the authentication app, you need a Snapchat account recovery code. The steps involved in the producers are as follows:

  • You need to open the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Then, enter the username and password in the given fields.
  • After that, tap log in.
  • When prompted, you need to enter the recovery code.

When you use the recovery code once for signing-in, it will turn-off the two-factor authentication automatically on your device. If you want to keep the two-factor authentication active for your Snapchat account, you can Turn it on in the settings.

How To Recover Snapchat Account Using Snapchat Recovery Tool

If you want to recover your account through Snapchat account recovery tool, then follow the steps mentioned below to create the recovery code:

  • Open the Snapchat app on the android device.
  • Tap your Profile icon and then go to Settings.
  • After that, tap the option of Two-factor authentication.
  • Next, tap the "Recovery code" option.
  • Further, tap the Generate code option.
  • Finally, you need to save the code and keep it safe for future access.

You can save this code on the cloud, which will help you to access the code even if you lose your device.

In case you have enabled two-element authentication, you will miss access to your account, if:

  • You lose your phone
  • You change your phone number
  • You restore the phone to its default settings.

For more assistance about Snapchat account recovery, you can reach out to the support team of Snapchat. The executives of the support team will provide assistance and help for all the queries and issues related to Snapchat. The services offered by Snapchat executives are available round the clock. You can choose any of the contact method provided by Snapchat to contact the support team. The contact info to reach the support team is provided on Snapchat’s official webpage.

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