How to change my BT Mail password

Simple and Quick way to Change BT Mail Password

Email today has become a common part of our life. It's one of the vital sources to connect with world or our loved ones, professional friends, our business partners. These days through various email providers, billions of mail are send across the world which contains not only personal messages, but critical data of various organization, individual personal information like credit card or financial details. Free emails services lack certain security features that are why user are moving towards standard mail services. one such standard webmail service is "BT Mail"

BT Mail is the one of the major standard mail services providing company which provides advance security features to its user in order to protect their critical data and privacy of their information. It is the part of one of the leading email services in the world i.e. Yahoo. But, User do faces certain difficulties, one of them is regarding how to change BT Mail password.

One May Can Take The Help of BT Mail Technical Support or Follow Some of The Common Procedures to Change The BT Mail Password:

  • First of all, sign into the BT yahoo email account .
  • Then Once you are login into the BT yahoo webmail and click on the Cog icon in the top right hand corner and select Account Info .
  • Again one need to verify your password in order to get to your account page, so type your current password quickly.
  • Then Click on the quick link on change my password or change BT Mail password.
  • A pop up window will appears that will allow you to change your password. It’s a good idea to change your password on regular basis, incase if one don't want to change this time one can keep by simply entering the same password in all the password fields.
  • On the next page, one need to change one's date of birth and security question.
  • Click on finish to complete the process and save the changes .

If after these simple procedure one faces issue in changing the password, then one can contact at their support number which help you to connect with their technical team.

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