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How to perform Google account recovery process easier? For this, you need to know the official account recovery page, link & methods given here

Google has been an excellent free search engine across the world. Everybody is quite familiar with Google services in order to complete a number of tasks accordingly. You can manage your Google Maps, Google Drive, Google translator, docs, YouTube and so much more. These are the suitable features and services in order to manage the Gmail® account which is a close part of Google's. If you are accessing the page of Google you will be eligible to enter the proper correct email address and password to sign in your Google account simply. Sometimes you fail to access to your account due to not entering the correct email address and password and this happens when you are using wrong credentials, at this you are required to go for the Google Recovery page easily recover your Gmail account. In other words, if you are the user of Google account you can simply put access your account using correct email address and password. In the meantime, if you are really forgot or lost your password of Google account, your requirement to have suitable information to recover your Google account pretty simple.

How To Recover Google Account Password?

If you are really looking for the solution when you are not able to access your Google account and want immediate solution simply, you are required to recover the password as soon as possible. You have left only one option is the Google account recovery that will be help you to recover Google account password without facing any hassles, even you would like go to with the step by step process simple.

  • First of all, you need to visit Google sign in page and enter the right accurate email address and password.
  • If you show an error and you are not able to access click on the Forgot password button and move to the next.
  • Select the verify button after entering the recovery mobile phone number and check your phone to enter the verification code.
  • After that, a Google account recovery link will allow you to enter the new unique passwords into both options new and confirm password field simply.

It is hoped, now you might be accessed your Google account recovery simply, so you can enjoy yourself.

Different Tips And Tricks For Google Account Recovery

Gmail provides various options to its users to recover their account. Google Gmail account can be easily recovery by using an alternate email id and date of birth or a phone number associated with the account or by answering few security questions that the user choose during account creation.

The Process For Google Account Recovery Using Alternate Email

  • Visit the login page of Google (or Gmail account).
  • Enter the Gmail email address.
  • Then click at the 'Forgot Password' option
  • Now there recovery option will be given.
  • User need to select the option of Google account recovery using alternate email.
  • Then type the alternate email address associated with Gmail account.
  • A code for verification along with the reset password link will be sent to the email address.
  • User required to click on that link.
  • It will take the user to a password reset page.
  • Now user can set a new password.
  • Re-enter the password to confirm.
  • Tap on 'Finish' option.
  • The password will be easily to successfully changed.
  • Users can now go back to the sign-in page and login using their newly set password and email.

The Process For Google Account Recovery Through Phone Number

  • Go to the Google recovery page and open login page of Gmail.
  • Enter Gmail id that needs to be recovered.
  • Click on 'Forgot Password' option.
  • Three options for recovery will be provided.
  • Select the option of Google account recovery with phone number.
  • Type your recovery phone number which is linked with Gmail account.
  • Now a code will be sent to this number.
  • Then enter the verification code in the given space.
  • A password recovery page will open.
  • Users can now setting a new password.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Save it.
  • Users can now sign in into their Gmail account using this new password.

Quick Guide On How To Recover A Google Account That Was Deleted

Well, it can be stressful to manage multiple Google accounts at once. Remembering passwords and storing the data related to a particular Google account is quite difficult. Hence, for this reason, Google offered its users an option to delete accounts that they no longer wish to use.

Indeed, this option was a great relief for those who failed to manage their Google accounts. But, what happens if a user wishes to Recover deleted Google account. Luckily, the users can easily recover their deleted account by trying out the Google recovery steps. However, if the user tries to recover the account after a long time, then they might not be able to recover the data linked to the particular account.

Recovering Deleted Google Account

For the process of Google account recovery, the user is required to stick to the provided instructions to avoid issues at the time of recovering the account.

  • Launch the Google recovery page and provide the email or phone used for accessing the account.
  • Then, the user needs to click on the Next option to initiate the recovery process.
  • For the users who remember the previous password of their account, they can enter the password and recover their account instantly.
  • In case, if the user fails to provide the password, they can select the other alternatives to receive a code using an email or phone.
  • Further, the user can provide that code and verify their account and reset their account password.
  • However, if the user has no access to any of the above recovery options, then they are required to opt for the security questions option and complete the verification process.

Hence, this is how one can Recover deleted Google account in time. In case, if the user fails to recover their account using the provided methods, it is suggested to contact Google support and seek required help to recover the deleted Google account.

The Process Of Google Account Recovery Using Security Questions

  • Go to sign-in page of Gmail.
  • Write your Gmail username.
  • Select 'Next'.
  • Click on 'Forgot Password' option.
  • You will be asked to give any last password for your account.
  • Type the password or click on 'Try another way' option.
  • Now you will be asked provide a mobile number. You need to click on 'I don't have my phone' option.
  • Then you will be asked to enter a recovery email. You can click on 'Try to the another way' option.
  • Now you will be asked to answer a security question. This question will be the one you selected while creating the account.
  • Few other questions like your date of birth, date when you creating the account, middle name etc. will be asked to verify your Gmail account
  • You have to answer the security questions them correctly.
  • After this you have to enter an email address where Gmail will contact you.
  • Now the accounts will be verified by Google to check if it actually is user's account.
  • A password reset link will be sent on the above given email address.
  • You can open the link and reset your password.
  • Now you can now go to login page and sign-in using this new password and your email address.

In case users face any problem during reset lost or deleted password or have any queries regarding Google account recovery then they can contact the Google account recovery customer Service support phone number. They are well skilled and professional people who can assist customers properly and provide any technical solution.

Know About Google Account Recovery With Date of Birth

Google account is a common thing that is used by everyone globally to save and store their data. Google has provided several ways to recover your Google account. It has the number of features and services but there are some troublesome issues with Google account but it has also introduced the solutions to those problems. You can access this account on any device whether it is Mac, IOS or android.

Google account recovery with date of birth is not possible but it has introduced many other ways to recover your Google account. If someone is looking for how to recover Google account using account recover form, tool, code or latest new tips it can guide you the right way to recover your account. The Google account recovery process is very easy to understand.

How To Recover Google Account With Date of Birth?

  • To recover your Google account, first, you need to open the main website of Google and go Google recovery page.
  • Now you will see the fields, in which you have to enter your email ID or address and click on next.
  • You have to type the password but if you don't remember when click on forgot password option.
  • It will start the recovery process for your account.
  • Type the last remembered password otherwise click on Try another way.
  • Now, please answer the security questions which you answered at the time of creating the account.
  • It will verify your account related details.
  • Now the new window will appear to create a new password.
  • Create and confirm the latest new password.
  • Please login to your account using the new password.
  • Your Google Gmail account is recovered properly.

You can't recover your account using Google account recovery date of birth. If you need help, please feel free to get in touch with Google customer service support team.

Know Details of Google Account Recovery For Android Device or Phone

Google has introduced the new feature that is Gmail account. Nowadays, Gmail account is used globally, It makes human life easy and faster. We can use all the Google services only when we have account on Gmail. In Gmail account, we can store your personal data as well as your documents. Google account is very easy and simple to understand. If you face trouble in recovering your account. To recover your Google account, you need to remember some points by which you can recover your deleted, disabled or hacked Gmail account. Google account recovery for android process is easy and you can easily do it by following simple steps.

How To Recover Google Account For Android Phone?

  • Open the browser and go to Google recovery page.
  • Please enter your email id and password in the required field.
  • Click on “forgot my password option”.
  • It will be force you to enter the password.
  • Perform captcha reset and enter the alternate email id or phone number to proceed the recovery of the account.
  • They will send you the verification link on the email id or phone number.
  • Please click on the verification link which you have received on your email.
  • Now, reset your password.
  • Type your latest new password and confirm it again.
  • The password reset is successful for your account.

Google account recovery android phone is simple to understand and you can easily implement it. In spite of having such great features, sometimes human confront some glitches with their precious Gmail account. Please call on Google helpline number, if you find out any problem with your Gmail account. 

How to Recover Google Play Store Account

Google Play Store is a digital marketer to get all kinds of android applications and to use it, you will be required a Google ID. But what if you forget your Google Play Store account? How will you access its service? Since it is necessary to have a Google account to use it, you can do Google Play Store account recovery. And to help you with the recovery process here is the account recovery guide.

Want to Recover Your Google Play Store Account? Get the Complete Google Play Store Account Recovery Procedure Here

  • First of all, you will be need to visit the page.
  • Then you have to fill in the Username or email address of your Google account and click Next.
  • After that, you need to enter the last password of your Google account. If you remember it, fill it. Otherwise, click the Try Another Way option.
  • In this way, you would see a phone number with some missing digits, you need to identify the phone number and if you have access to that phone number, click Send me code.
  • Also, a verification code will be sent to you via text message, you should provide that code in the given field. And click the Continue button.
  • It will redirect you to the Google Play Store account recovery page where you can find the option to create a new password.
  • Moreover, you will see two fields to enter the new password for your account; one for creating the password, another one to confirm the entered password and click Continue.
  • Once you confirm the Google account's new password, you should scroll down to the page and reach the Save Changes option, click on it.

This is how you will be able to complete the Google play store password recovery without any problem. On the off chance, if you see any trouble while doing the above steps, you may get help from the customer service support team. The team will help you around 24/7 the clock and let you do Google Play account recovery without any delay. So, dial the Google support phone number and get help.

How to Recover Google Account on iphone

People who are using Google account on iPhone might forget the login password a few times. In that situation, they have to perform the recovery task to reset a new password for their Google account so that they can access again without trouble. You might be thinking that the recovery for a Google account can only be possible on the desktop. However, that is not true as you can flexibly recover your Google password on iPhone too. Apart from that, you have to ensure that among all the account recovery information, you have access to at least one. Therefore, the necessary procedures for the Google Account Recovery on iPhone is as explained below.

  • First of all, unlock your iPhone screen and then launch a browser to visit Google website
  • Next move to account login tab on Google website and enter your registered ID
  • After that press next and then choose the forgot password option
  • Then you will be prompted to enter any last password of the same account
  • Next, you must enter old password or hit the try another way button
  • Afterwards, Google will ask for your permission to send a code in registered mobile
  • Then you have to use among SMS or Call option to get that code
  • Next you have to submit that code on recovery page so password reset window will open
  • Or proceed to the next recovery option by tapping I don’t have my phone
  • Then Google will ask permission to send code in your alternate email ID
  • Next, you have to access your recovery email after tapping send button
  • Then, copy the code Google has sent and paste on recovery window
  • Next after transferring to password reset page, create a new password by typing twice
  • At last save this new password for accessing your Google account henceforth

So Google account recovery for iPhone is performed by the user who has forgotten his password in this way. Other than that, in a few cases, a Google user might not be capable of completing the account recovery and fail during the process. Those users who cannot recover their account somehow can get further help from a Google representative by contacting them via phone call support.

Benefits of Call Google Account Recovery Customer Support Helpline Phone Number

Google account recovery phone number is one of the best tools to direct access customer support team and resolve your all Google Gmail account problems pretty soon. phone number is always on at 24 by 7 to provide help at a certain time 24 hours simply.

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If You Want To Know The Basic Instruction To Solve The Problem, You Need To Go Through The Below Points Step By Step.

  • A Google doc is most important but when it is not working then you can reset the settings and your problem will be resolved automatically.
  • When your Google account recovery is not working fine you must check out the cause of the issues that will provide you easy solution to get the issue fixed instantly.
  • If you are really willing to recover the password then you must check out the Google Recovery page where you can have instant solution and help without facing any hassles simply.


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