Google Account Recovery

Google Account Recovery

A Complete Guide To Recover Google Account Via Using All The Recovery Options

Google accounts have always been listed on the top of the list of all the email clients in the world. They are flooded with lots of features and let you log into various types of smart phones, PCs, tablets, iOS devices, Android devices, and the Windows OS devices. Google accounts not only help you to synchronise your data from all the of your device but also keep your important information related to various things such as email, photos and documents accessible all the time. Apart from this, Google account also helps you to keep your Android device working amazingly and smoothly, without having a Google account, one will not be able to use Google Play Store services and features, access Play Music & Play Games, and enjoy other Android services. Besides, when you have a Google account and if you decide to switch to another smart device or phone then also you can use your Google account to import your data from your Gmail accounts, Google Maps history, Google Drive data, Google Calendar information and other applications. But what happens when you lose access to your accounts?

Well, the answer is quite simple – No Google account means no access to your information and data. Yes, that's right! Not having access to your account can make things really frustrating for you and due to this; you can actually lose your data that is saved in all the Google applications of yours such as Google Drive, Gmail application, etc. Hence, you'll need to do your Google account recovery ASAP. However, many users don't take this seriously and they often find it easy to create another account to avoid recovery process for their lost account. But this won't be necessary at all as there are many ways to recover a Google account and that also in no time.

So, if you are stuck with your account issue such as login issue or lost password then read this article further to know all about Google account recoveryand its easy methods.

Multiple Ways To Google Accounts Recovery: An Overview

Alright, if you have decided to get back your lost Google account instead of creating a new one then here's what you need to know. Google is quite popular for providing variety of options for Google account recovery and most importantly such options are easy to use while going through the account recovery process.

When users create their accounts, they are required to provide plenty of information to the Google such as phone number, an alternative email address and security questions. This information can be later on used as the Google account recovery alternatives by the users if they lose their accounts. One more security alternative is there i.e. 2-step verification that can be used to get back your Google account with few clicks. However, you will have to first enable into your account while you have access to it.

Moreover, your Google account recoveryalso depends on whether you have lost your password or it has been hacked by someone or it has been locked by the Google itself due to violation of its privacy guidelines. Besides, you can still use the account recovery information to get back your account in the first two cases. But if your account has been locked by the Google then the process will slightly differ. So, have a look at the steps mentioned in the next section to recover the password of your Google account in no time.

Top Methods To Recover Google Accounts Via Using Account Recovery Information

So, if you have been thinking by now that how can I recover my Google accountthen here's how you can do this. But first remember that you can use these 3 main alternatives to get back you account.

  • Alternative or recovery email address
  • Phone Number
  • Security Questions

In addition, there are two more alternatives that can be used to recover Google account such as follows.

  • 2-Step Verification
  • Date of birth

Here, the "Date of Birth" is referred to as the account creation date of your Google account. If you remember it then you can easily recover your account in no time. So, now that you have understood what information you need to use for your account recovery, here’s have a look at the steps to use this information on Google recovery page.

Quick Steps To Use Common Account Recovery Information On Google

The Google account recovery process can be done on any web browser or mobile browser following the type of device such as iOS, Android or Windows OS. So, let's get started with the account recovery steps on Google by using: Email address, Phone number or security questions

  • So, launch your web browser first and then head over to the account recovery page of Google in it
  • Now, enter the username or email address linked to your account and then hit the Next option
  • On the next page, you'll be prompted to enter the last known password of your account, if you remember it then enter it in the given field or you can chose the "I Don't remember my password" link to use another alternative
  • Hereafter, Google will send a notification on your Smartphone device asking you to choose the Yes option to continue with the Gmail account recovery process. But if you not have the device available to you then you can select the "I Don't have my phone" link
  • Next, you'll need to enter the Date Of birth of your account so that you can reset the password of it. However, if you do not remember it then simply select the "Try Another Way" link to use the phone number and email address information to recover the password of your account
  • When you choose the phone number or email address, Google send you an account verification code i.e. G-XXXXXX, you'll need to enter this code in the given field and then you can continue with the Google account recovery process
  • Once you have got the code then enter it in the given field and then you'll be redirected to the next page where you’ll need to create a new password
  • Hereafter, enter a new password and then enter it again to confirm the changes and then you can simply save the changes. Also make sure that your new password is strong enough to keep your account safe and secure, also your password should include the combination of both numbers and alphabets to make it un-guessable by the hackers or anyone else.

Moreover, if you have enabled the 2-Step verification in your account then the Google account recovery process may differ for you. However, you can use the 8 digit process to get back your account’s password.

Get In Touch With The Tech Support At Google For Any Further Assistance

If you still face any issues with the aforementioned account recovery information and methods then feel free to contact tech-support by calling on the Google account recovery phone number.The professional executives will be surely help you out in getting your Google account back in no time. Therefore, this was all about securing your Google account by recovering its password with simple steps.

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