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SBCGlobal.NET Email: Accompanied with the Advanced Technical Features

Nowadays Email is the main source of connectivity for all businesses. So many works and information are shared via Email so it is an important source of business. Therefore, so many new features are provided in an Email server for user benefit. That is why hijackers are regularly active to steal these information, so you need to be very careful while you are passing important information through Email. SBCGlobal customer service is one of the leading organisation from which you can fix errors. Lots of new features have already been included in this particular platform.

How to open SBCGlobal account in an iPad:

SBCGlobal accounts are useful and you can pass business information through this account quiet easily. To open a SBCGlobal account you just have to go to iPhone setting. Then just follow the instruction one after another. At first go to Mail, then Contacts followed by Calendars. Then you have to select “Add Account” and after that just click on Yahoo and fill up the required details neatly along with the Email account details. Then according to your choice and preferences, you can select from the options, whichever you would like to use on your iPad.

If you face any technical error in SBCGlobal Email then

  • At first you can refresh your page by pressing CTRL+F5 keys.
  • Apart from that to work on the most upgraded version of the web page you can go to and remove cookies and the cache.

Along with that you can face various issues like

  • Mail receiving and sending problem
  • If you want to reactivate mails which you have deleted
  • Password retrieval and reset
  • Most importantly Email security, junk and spam mails etc.

In all these issues you can take the help of SBCGlobal Email customer service phone number. SBCGlobal is actually an old telecommunications company bought by AT&T. It offered internet and landline services to their customers. But now none of its old contacts are available because previously SBCGlobal customers accessed AT&T for assistance. So forget about old information and let's get to know about the new SBCGlobal customer service number and other services.

SBCGlobal are always available for their valuable customers. They mainly provide customer service via

  • Email
  • Phone and
  • Live message support

The process to Setup SBCGlobal.NET Email in Outlook

SBCGlobal.NET is the domain name that helps the users to get the Email services, the Email addresses are issued by SBCGlobal Communications. Some people who have their Email account set up before the merger of the company with AT&T have the account with SBCGlobal.NET although the company is now run by AT&T.

Automatic process to set up an account with Outlook

  • Open the Outlook on the PC or the application.
  • Go to account information and click on the option of "Add an account"
  • In the auto account page, enter the SBCGlobal Email.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on the option of Finish.

The manual process to set up SBCGlobal.NET Email settings in Outlook

For this process, you need the details about the incoming and outgoing server details of SBCGlobal Email account in addition to this you will also need SSL setting of the account. Now you have to follow the process of setting up the account.

  • Go to the setting of Outlook and enter the username and password of the SBCGlobal account.
  • Enter “” and select 995 or 993 in the port drop-down menu, click on the option of Next.
  • In the SMTP server field, enter the or
  • Select 465 or 587 in the outgoing server port menu.
  • Enter the username and password in the Login information menu.
  • Click Finish.

In the above process, you have seen the use of, this is done because the AT&T Email services are provided by Yahoo those people who merged AT&T and Yahoo account, the accounts are now been separated by the company and they have to login with their own ID.

A user may contact at the SBCGlobal.NET customer service number 24/7 and get in touch with the professionals for their advice about setting up the SBCGlobal account in Outlook.

Call SBCGlobal Customer Service Phone Number

If you have any issue regarding product, connectivity or customer service you can directly contact SBCGlobal customer service expert team easily fix your problem. If you want any instant technician for that you need to call on customer service first. You can also take the help of their official website. From there you will get lots of information about SBCGlobal technical support number, SBCGlobal is famous for their customer support. They provide unlimited support to the users and that is why they are 24x7 hours available to their SBCGlobal customer service phone number.


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