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UC Web has also announced about the launch of UC+ a new Open Platform that comprises of an add-on type of platform, webapp store and application bookmark type of platform. The product had gone live with the introduction of latest UC Browser v9.2 for various types of Android phones. It helps developers to use SDK to create various programs to call on in various types of application scenarios.

customer may choose to download the same from the add-on panel of UC browser to receive relatively more personalized type of online browsing experience, like web pages translation, sharing to SNS, voice control, augmented reality and many more. Here, you will find application bookmark platform that helps various partner websites to fill a particular QR code on the browser for users and thereby, help them to scan the actual code and include the webpage into their bookmarks.

UC Browser provides support to simultaneous downloading of files and includes a suitable download manager, along with pages to perform offline reading. It also supports for pause as well as resume download. Even the latest version of download manager comes with many improved features to deal with varieties of problems during the download process, like mislabelled files and intermittent internet connection.

This process will go on consistently even when customer found the app in closed condition and resume it automatically whenever interruption of the download takes place for any reason. The manager sorts downloaded files automatically according to their types and place them in specific folders.In addition,UC browser possesses adaptability with almost every possible network environments and gives support to downloading of more than one file format. Even you will find UC Browser as available with web app of HTML5, UC browser technical support and cloud synchronization features.

Data Compression

Data Compression feature possessed by UC Browser reduces consumption of data whenever you browse. Since the launch, UC Browser performs compression and rendering job easily on its server in the same manner as the operation performed  by any thin client.

Cloud System

Cloud system utilized by the browser allows distribution of data from closest possible servers. Because of this, it helps in quick as well as smooth loading procedure. If this is not enough, you will be able to find the mode caches and web pages as View it later with their images, videos and texts to view offline. 


UC Browser allows for sharing of data on various social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, along with versions of Windows Phone to offer large numbers of sharing options.

Install UC Browser for the Android and Laptop Device with the Help of Technical Team

UC browser has been especially designed through the UC Web Company for getting the easy mobile browsing services for the android and laptop devices. Number of remarkable and startling features makes UC browser more favorable among users including the tab management, Wi-Fi sharing and speed dialing services. UC browser could easily be download through the Google play store.

Number of most advantageous features that could be acknowledged through UC browser technical support


  •   Settings for Customization and Themes: The specific browser used to offer custom selection of browser from the number of choices that would be available through using the UC theme centre. The most important thing is that these choices can also be used lock screen wallpaper


  • Easily do the Background Downloading: If the users have desire to download but don’t want any interruption while browsing then UC would be the best option for the users. User would get here the offer for background downloading that will not interrupt in the browsing task and will continue downloading even after closing the browser.


  • Easy Wi-Fi Sharing could be done: The files could be shared through other windows devices through easy Wi-Fi sharing.


  • Presence of Udisk: The browser for UC offers the maximum storage facility for users for storing the files. This specific disk that has been referred as Udisk offers a free space of around 6GB in which 2GB is the permanent space.


  • Facility for the preloading: This specific feature of UC helps the users in getting the seamless reading experience through pre-loading the next page when the users reading the current page.

Users should now take a look over solving the installation problem for UC browser in both Android and laptop device through the help of the Uc browser technical support

Installation of UC browser for the Android device-

  • First the users are suppose to open the Google play store
  • Moreover the users need to search for the UC browser through using the “Search” bar
  • List of options would appear in front of the users and users are suppose to choose the desired one
  • Moreover the users need to double click on the desired UC browser icon  
  • Users are suppose to get the “Install” button for starting the installation process
  • After the process would got complete users are suppose to choose the option for “Finish”
  • Users are liable to use the browser for UC

Installation of UC browser on the laptop device-

  • Users are first suppose to strike over the setup file for the installation of UC browser
  • Moreover the users are suppose to push the button for “Yes”
  • Added to that users are push the button for “Install” for downloading UC browser in simple mode
  • Users could also be liable to change the location for the installation
  •  Furthermore users are suppose to wait for certain time duration for the completion of installation
  • Through the completion of the installation process users are liable to choose the preferred style
  • Added to that users could now use the UC browser for the laptop device 


UC browser customer care phone number

Along with the features of UB browser mentioned here, customer will be able to avail to get helpdesk support facility by simply contacting on UC browser customer care phone number. In fact, for providing technical support facility only, the browser is able to obtain

  • A high value and large size of customer base, where more than half of the individuals use smartphone devices.
  • The browser is able to target precisely of various promotions and product offers
  • Serves as one of the dynamic yet high-performance type of price radio and business model

Currently, UC Browser comes with more than 500 millions of worldwide users. Hence, if you want to get information about its features or know the installation process in your phone device, you may also contact at uc browser customer care phone number , details of which remains available on their official websites. Other than phone numbers, you may also drop your queries or mails to the respective mail addresses. Therefore, UC Browser serves as the right option for all Smartphone.


    i cant signin to google account on this browser that it says its outdated browser


  • Babu
    I have some login problem


  • Punecamp
    I am not able to export uc browser bookmarks in html format. Kindly guide me.


  • Rishan

    Ucbrowser video not download for iPhone 6


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