How To Set Up Google Alerts

How can Google alerts can be of your help? Explain the process of setting them up and using it.

Who does not want to monitor the web for the growth of their business? To grow the business online is not that easy task. You have to take care of particular object and take care that you are one step ahead of your competitor.

To do so, one thing that we will like to recommend you is to set the Google alerts that will help grow your business. Set up Google alerts is a straightforward and easy process that is least known to the users. For an instance, if you have set up Google alerts for a new iPhone, then you don't have to run each day searching for a new update, rather, you can just sit back while those stories come straight in your inbox.

What you can expect from Google alerts?

Before we go on the topic of “How to set up Google alerts?”, let us see the expectations you can keep from it.

  • Google alerts can help you track any keyword tracked by Google. This includes YouTube, news sites, blogs, forums and much more.
  • You will also be given a chance to choose the frequency at which you will receive them. Also, you will be sent every mention of these keywords to your email inbox and that can be seen at

Now that you have got the knowledge of the expectations that you can keep from Google alerts, let us know the process of how to set up Google alerts. You can go through the below-mentioned pointers and take the knowledge.

Process of setting Google alerts:

If you want to set Google alerts, you can follow the below-mentioned process. You can also contact the customer care executives to know about the process of how to set Google alerts. Let us see the process.

  • The first step is to go to the and ensure that you have logged in with the Google account that you want to use.
  • Then, you have to choose the keywords but remember that you should try to make them unique.
  • The next steps is to select the frequency. You will get the choice of real-time or when I have time?". In order to get the notifications in close to real-time, you have to select “as it happens.”
  • After that, you can choose your source. Talking about Google alerts, this does not cover the social media but you can choose to track the blogs, videos, news, and even the books.
  • Now, you have to select the language. You have to make the choice in case you only care about one specific language.
  • The next step that should be taken by users is to choose the region. The choice that you will make will be valuable if your brand is present in specific countries or if you want to expand your business into top new markets.
  • You have to now choose between everything and “Only the best”. In this case, you have to make a choice between every mention or the most important ones.
  • The last step that is needed to be taken by the user is to select the email address to deliver to. You have to enter the email address that you are logged into. You also have a choice to send the alerts to RSS feed. Now, you can hit on create alerts.

This is how you can create Google alerts. You can reach the customer support of Google to take the aid if you are clear with any aforementioned points. They will definitely provide you with a resolution to your problem.

Benefits of Google alerts:

There are certain benefits that you can enjoy creating Google alerts. Let us have a look at them.

  • Cannot miss the important news topics: With the help of this, you will not miss any important latest news, especially that you did not want to miss and that does not make the headline. It might be the possibility that you might be interested in any specific type of art or any fashion trend. The articles on these topics will be brought to you.
  • You can also check for company mentions: This is related to work, but is an interesting one. Google alerts will help you out in monitoring what other people are saying about the web or the company. It also keeps up the industry news and you can get plenty of news results too.
  • Catch the plagiarism: If you are writing for a company, then the Google alerts will help you out in finding the plagiarism. Google alert is a fantastic way with which you can watch out the plagiarism. You can ensure that no one is using your content for their own company or trying to impersonate you. With the help of this, you can catch the plagiarism.
  • Safeguarding your personal details: Google alerts can help you by telling you whether your information is leaked out or not. The advantage of these is that no one can see your alerts, and, therefore, your privacy is not a risk anymore. In case, you find that your email address is out for everyone to see, then you might become the victim of a hack. Whatever may be the context, the alert will help you out in taking the quick actions.
  • Keeping the tabs on people: You can use Google alerts to keep a tab on the people in which you are interested, be it politicians, long-lost family members, a star or more. Google alerts will help you out in delivering the news on this person right to your inbox. In some cases, you might have to lessen the frequency of the notification and then stick to the best results. If your favorite person, comes back to the public eye, then you will be the one to know about it first.
  • Update on local news: Google alerts can be the most powerful in the area called news. In some parts of the world, you can find the news about your hometown with the help of Google alerts. This will also update you about something new happening in your area. In the case, you reside somewhere where you get a lot of news coverage, then you may want to be more specific with the keywords.

Your favorite bands, shows, and authors will be on top of your list:

  • If you are a music lover, then it will be too easy to miss a new tour or new album that you would really not want to miss. Here, Google alerts will keep you in the loop whenever something will happen.
  • The users can now check the new episode of their favorite TV shows on Netflix or a new book from your favorite author. Be it anything that you are interested in Google alerts will help you keep updated.
  • These are some of the benefits of setting up Google alerts. These benefits will help you out to be more knowledgeable about Google alerts. Also, the points mentioned above will help you know how to set up Google alerts.
  • The users can follow the process that we have mentioned below to set up Google alerts and grow their business. You can set Google alerts and take your business to the next level.

Talking about the experts of Google customer care, the experts are patient and listen to the problem and issues of the users patiently. They provide the best aid to them by walking the extra mile for them and talking to them. Their services are active round of the clock.

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